Garden Misting System - 50M Self- Automatic Garden Watering System

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50M Self Automatic Garden Watering System Water Drip Irrigation System Plant Watering Kit Irrigation Drippers Mist Set Enjoy 

Perfect for cooling your outdoor living areas. Can be widely used in plant humidification, cooling, disinfection, dust reduction, landscaping, salt spray test, and other artificial fog.
No air assistance is required, the system is simple, the spray paint is fine, the atomization is sufficient, energy and water-saving, low cost, and fine effect.
Scope of application: Wetting and descaling, air humidification, chemical treatments, chemical spraying, liquid spraying, tobacco leaf humidification, tablet coating, flue gas evaporative cooling, sterilization, component cooling, fruit spray Wax, tile glazing, plant humidification, salt spray test, artificial fog, humidification in other places, etc.

  • Sprayer Type: Pump
  • Type: Sprayers
  • Material: Plastic
  • Plastic Type: ABS
  • Model Number: LP-V03
  • Product Name: 12V water pump misting kit
  • Nozzle Size: Default 0.3mm
  • Function: Humidity, Stop dust, Cooling, Landscaping
  • Application: Cooling, Humidification and Garden Micro-irrigation
  • Hose Material: Food Grade PE
  • Tubing size: 1/4''(6.35mm)
  • Pump Liter: 5L/min
  • Power: 12V 60W
  • Structure: Diaphragm Pump
  • Working Pressure: 0.8Mpa
Installation steps:

1. Take the 3M water hose and water inlet filter and put the filter into the water tank today.

2. Fit Misting Nozzles and end plug with Nozzle Fittings.

3. Take the black pump, Connecting one side with a 3M water inlet and another side with a 12M misting system.

4. Connect the power adapter with the pump and turn on the power to operate the system for 1 Minute to discharge the air in.

5. Check the whole system carefully to ensure there is no water leakage after the
the system starts to work.

6. Fix the misting lines with the cable ties and saddle clamps provided.

7. Turn on the power and then enjoy the misting cooling system.

Note: Water leakage proof tape is recommended if found anywhere with water leaking.
Package Includes:

  • 1 x Micro Diaphragm Pump
  • 1 x Power supply
  • 1 x 12M misting system
  • 2 x White female connector
  • 16 x Mist nozzles
  • 1 x End plug
  • 1 x Inlet filter head
  • 40 Saddle clamps
  • 40 cable ties
  • 1Roll x Seal tape

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