Galvanized Square 90 L Fire Bin

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Galvanized Square 90 L Fire Bin

If you have a nice garden. Then you most surely know how annoying is to work really hard to have it cleaned but then when you turn around you have that big pile of garden wasters you just don't know what to do with it! Well, we present to you this fantastic solution! This 90 liters galvanized fire bin! Burn those garden waste and get your garden clean and impeccable with so much ease! Not to mention using this product could be extremely fun

If you have a garden, don't struggle with the wastes. Burn them in this fire bin! 

The perfect solution for that Saturday morning garden waste. Don't throw it away in your garbage and risk getting hurt with getting stung with thorns or worst! Not to mention that on the way to the garbage bag most surely half of the garden waste will be blown away with the wind!

Galbanized and rust-resistant. This galbanized fire bin is perfect for keeping it on your garden for decoration or you can even use it for making a gaming fire on your garden safety! imagine the possibilities! Teach your kids to cook marshmallows and chocolates in a campfire from home! Safety and elegance with this fire pit! 

Product Features

  • Galvanized for product longevity
  • Equipped with a grate lid to keep waste in while burning
  • Constructed with ventilation holes to ensure the efficient burning of waste
  • Large 90-liter capacity
  • Store as is in a sheltered area or collapse and store till next required


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