Forearm Exercises - Arm Weight

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Forearm Exercises - Arm Weight

This Forearm Exercises hand grip exerciser is lightweight, easy to carry.

Perfect for strength training, flexibility and balance in conjunction with various workout programs. Help you to improve the resilience of motion. The pull handle can be adjusted by different size of hands and arm.



  • Exercise wrist force adjustable wrist defender badminton fitness training equipment to enhance the wrist arm force grip
  • Thickening of the use of foam: handshake and pull the belt is to use thick foam, improve the use of comfort, to protect the wrist
  • High-density webbing: high-density webbing, rugged, rupture-free, slidable, adjustable
  • The use of high-quality spring steel: high elastic spring, super flexibility, a substantial bend, and never crack does not deformation,
  • The use of ABS plastic: plastic is the key material affecting the performance of the grip, the use of plastic plastic seal better, more resistant to pressure, the use of more secure.
  • Handshake high elasticity non-slip, non-absorbent sponge sets, spring tight connection is not loose, suitable for every person who loves sports.

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