Food Chopper Processor Electric Mixer Blender

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Food Chopper Processor Electric Mixer Blender

Enjoy making the best sauces, creams, dips and so much more with the best natural fruits and ingredients with this food processor. The electric Fodd chopper is made with the best quality metal and thanks to its always-sharp, stainless steel  4 layer blade design, you will always have the best cuts, a fantastic blending, and everything you need from a food processor!

 So much more than just a regular food processor

If you are looking for a great quality, long-lasting food processor. You shouldn't just stay with the main function. This Food processor covers all your blending needs while cooking. With this food processor, you can make your mashed potatoes as fast and effortless as ever before! And once you try some, you would ever eat another one! Make the best Italian tomato sauce with the best quality, natural ingredients to archive that delicious smell of fresh food! And thanks to its high tech 400w motor. You will always have the best chop. All this in a really tiny small and portable product! 

Make this food processor a must-have at home. Your kids are going to love having delicious creams, juices and so much more! 

Easy to Use

This electric chopper does not contain a lot of buttons and obscure indicators. Working with this is very easy and enjoyable. After you have placed all the necessary ingredients in the bowl, close it tightly and turn the lid. The motor will start and the blades will begin to grind the ingredients. The longer you hold the lid, the smaller the pieces. With this function of this onion chopper, you can adjust the desired size of the chopped pieces. 

Product Specifications:

Power Source Electric
Voltage 240 V
Appliance Capabilities Vegetables
Food Compatibility Vegetables
Power 400 W
Appliance Uses Vegetable, Fruit
Type Mini Food Processor
Material Stainless Steel
Number of Blades 4
Colour White
Number of Speeds 2
Manufacturer Colour White
Capacity 0.5 L

Package Contains:

1x Food Chopper Processor Electric Mixer Blender

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