Foldable Baby Travel Bassinet

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You better have everything set for when your new baby comes home! And you must have not just one! But multiple comfortable beds, cribs, and bassinet to place your baby! And there is no better bassinet than this foldable travel bassinet! It can be folded into a bag, so it is easy to carry! And so much more.

Foldable travel bassinet

When you go on your first dates out with your baby. Like visiting your friends, your parents or going to the beach or a park. You will need a travel bassinet! But that is just not enough, you will need a comfortable crib, in which your baby can rest and sleep and that once the travel is over, you can easily carry with you. That is why this product is so perfect! This foldable travel bassinet begins as a carry bag with convenient lateral pockets to carry your water, juices of fruits. And the best part is that when open, you have the perfect bed for your baby, it is so big that will be perfect for the first months or first year of your baby's life! You will be surprised how in a lightweight bag you can carry a 85x45cm bassinet. 

This baby nest bed is made with the highest quality materials. With a cotton surface and a polyester inner. Thanks to this, the cushion is breathable, washable, odorless, and tasteless. So you can easily wash it and have a nice smell! So it is ready for your baby! Your baby will sleep his entire hours without worrying, sweating, or anything! This product is amazing!

Product Specifications:

  • Dimension: 85*45CM
  • Age Range: 0-3M. 4-6M. 7-9M. 10-12M
  • Certification: EN
  • Type: Crib
  • Pattern Type: DOT

Package contains:

1x Foldable Baby Travel Bassinet


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