Electronic Revolving Fly Trap - Quick Silent Fly Trap Catcher

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Keep Your Home Free Of Flies This Summer With Our Electronic Revolving Fly Trap!

Get prepared for the return of the unhealthy flies! Our fly trap is an absolute lifesaver in summer!

The device works by luring flies with a small piece of bait, once the flies land on the bait the rotation device captures them and traps them inside! No escaping whatsoever.

This is the easiest, non-toxic, and most hygienic way to catch and remove flies from your home.

Insect Defend does not use any chemicals and is safe for your family and pets.


There's nothing worse than pesky flies when you're trying to enjoy your patio, pool, or deck! Sometimes, a gang of flies can accrue in your home when your doors or windows are left open for too long without a screen!

That's why we bring our Easy FLY TRAP USB (Mosquito) so that you can enjoy the environment 100%.


  • High-quality plastic material, non-toxic, and safe.
  • Quiet to use.
  • The flies are contained in the device and no smells are emitted.
  • Anti-shock and crush are resistant.
  • Easy to use.
  • Smart appearance.
  • Powered by USB cable (included).

place it where you prefer:

    • Outdoor Patio Area.
    • Outdoor Dining.
    • Garages.
    • Any Area with Fly Infestations.

How To Use:

    • Place honey/ soda/ syrup/ soft bait on the 5 grooves (Please do not use hard objects as bait as it may damage the device in rotation).
    • Connect the power and turn on the switch.
    • The flies are attracted by the baits and transferred into the box by the rotating plate. (The trap will run very slowly, otherwise, it would scare away the flies.)
    • Remove the flies from the trap box for cleaning.

Package included:

  • 1 x Fly Trap Device with USB Cable.

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