Electric Scooter for Kids Battery Ride On Kids Electric Scooter with Adjustable/Removable Seat

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Electric Scooter for Kids Battery Ride On Kids Electric Scooter with Adjustable/Removable Seat

Don't you know what to give your children? Well, we bring you the solution! We have launched this childrens electric scooter in a special offer. Each childs electric scooter in our line is made of aluminum alloy with an anodic oxidation process for a stronger shine, stable and lightweight structure, low density, and high resistance, so you can take it anywhere without any problem, in addition, its wheels are made of wear-resistant PU, durable, with good load capacity and ideal for use on any terrain, both indoors and outdoors.

This children's electric scooter with seat has a manual brake to offer greater safety to your little ones, a thick, soft, and comfortable seat cushion so you can use it sitting or standing, a quick folding mechanism to store or carry easier, powerful motor that reduces the current driving and increases your climbing angle for better grip, lower spring damping design that offers protection if you fall into a pothole or uneven terrain.

We assure you that your children will love this childrens electric scooter, so buy it now!

Childrens electric scooter features:

  • Easy to use.
  • Portable.
  • Folding.
  • Handbrake system.
  • Wear-resistant wheels.
  • Comfortable seat.
  • High performance and great power.


  • Power: 120 W.
  • Battery: 12V 4.5ah * 2.
  • Tire size: 6 inch PU wheel.
  • Speed: 15 kilometers.
  • Distance: 6-10 kilometers (different due to different external conditions).
  • Transmission mode: Synchronous belt
  • Recommended maximum weight: 80 kg.
  • Scooter weight: 12 kg.

Package contains:
1 * Electric Scooter.
1 * Charger.
1 * Installation accessories.

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