Electric Recovery Winch

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We have finally launched the product you have been waiting for! With this electric winch, you will no longer be stuck on the road in the middle of your trip or tour!

This tool is designed to pull any type of load across a horizontal surface, they are often used for recovery, to load equipment, or heavy vehicles and can be installed in some cars or even used on the ground, also used in the snow, swamps, mud, desert, beach, etc. Its power allows you to use it with a large number of objects even if they are very heavy.

This winch ideal for ATVs and boat trailers. What are you waiting to bring yours home? Buy it now!


  • 1.4HP permanent magnetic motor.
  • High resistance steel cable and automatic braking action.
  • Motorized extension and retraction with an unbreakable hook.
  • Secure hold.
  • Easy to use.


  • Material: steel.
  • Size: winch 300 * 110 * 105MM.

Package contains:
1x electric winch.
1x control box.
1x wireless remote control switch.
1x Fairlead.
1x hook.
1x red strap.
1x hook pulley.
1x user manual.
1x set of accessories.

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