DIY Eyelash Extension Kit Set With Training Model Head For Beginners, Beginners Eyelash

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Imagine having your own set of professional fake eyelashes. With all the materials required to have the best quality perfect and curly eyelashes. All that without having to waste hundreds of dollars and spending countless hours in a saloon, you only need the perfect lash kit. And now you could have it! Just with this product. 

The perfect lash kit 

This kit comes with everything you need to have your perfect fake eyelashes. With its simple 4 steps method. You will have your eyelashes in no time! And will learn really fast! So you can put some eyelashes for all your friends, your sister. mom or your little girl. 

This product is made for everyone, from professional stylists to private, home-alone use. 

Now you won't be needing to spend so much time in front of a mirror every day to have those sexy and beautifully long and curly eyelashes. As this product is made with the best quality materials. The fake lashes glue is great, completely natural, non-toxic, skin-friendly. Although it is highly unlikely to develop allergies from it. We do recommend to try an allergy test before applying this glue to your eyelashes 

How to use: 

  1. Use cleansing lotion to clean off oil and dust from your eyelashes
  2. Put an undereye pad on the lower eyelid
  3. Stick the silicone eye pads on the upper eyelids
  4. Apply the glue on the eyelashes and silicone eye pads
  5. Brush your eyelashes with the Y shaped brush and cover with film for 10minutes
  6. Apply perm lotion and let rest for 10 more minutes.
  7. Apply fixing lotion and let rest for 10 minutes
  8. Remove the film using the Cleanser lotion to clean all perm and glue residue 
  9. Finally, apply the nutrition lotion for repairing your eyelashes 

Product Specification:

  • Weight: 100g for 1 set
  • NET WT: Total 25ml in 1 kit
  • Model Number: Taozhuang-004(Lash Perming Kit)
  • Color: Pink, yellow, blue, clear
  • Size of Packing Box: 16*12*2 cm

Package contains:

1x DIY Eyelash Extension Kit Set With Training Model Head For Beginners, Beginners Eyelash


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