Digital Car Heads Up Windshield Display - Digital Car HUD Display

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Easily Keep Your Eyes On The Road More!

With this Digital Car Heads Up Display Speed Warning Alarm, you can spend more time looking up and less time looking at your dashboard. With this Heads Up Car Display, you no longer have to look down to see how fast you are going because the Car Heads Up Display features your speed on the windshield ensuring you always know how fast you are going.

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80% of the accidents on the roads are caused by 3-second distractions. In order to combat these distractions, this car heads-up display shows information exactly where you need it, directly in your line of sight.

You can get all the important information such as speed, warning signals, and indicator arrows without looking down to the secondary display. The car HUD display speedometer projects the information on the display onto the windscreen, making it easier and faster to read all the relevant information you need during driving. 



✅ This Digital Heads Up Display features clear and easy-to-read information, reducing distractions.

✅ The portable, compact and space-saving design allows you to always keep your eyes on the road.

✅ Accurate speed reading: The heads-up windshield display provides the correct speed so you can ensure that the speed you see is what's on your dashboard. 


 Compatible with all cars: This Heads Up Display can be set on any car dashboard.



 Working Voltage: DC8-18V
 Working current: 40mA
 Sleeping current: 15mA
 Compass precision: ±1°
 Speed range 0-400KM
 Real-time precision
 12V car charger 1000mA
 HUD weight: 40g

Package Includes

 1 x HUD Car Unit
 1 x Charger
 1 x Non-slip Pad
 1 x Reflective Film
 1 x Manual

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