Deep Tissue Massage Therapy Gun

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Introducing the new and improved Portable Deep Tissue Massage Therapy Gun.

Relax your muscles and speed up your recovery times with ease. The perfect mixture of convenience, quality and value for money. Now with even longer battery life and upgraded power.

Optimise your pre/post workouts and improve your results. Recover effectively and more efficiently to bounce back for your next activity! 

This premium device packs the power and frequency needed to get a real effective deep tissue massage. Take it and charge it on the go. Easily carry it in your gym bag with the portable carry case.

The ergonomic grip minimises the external force with a vibration principle based hammering style, ensuring maximum power is directed to muscle massaging. Brushless motor technology brings a more stable and comfortable experience.
The independent power management system, compact size, intelligent charging, long battery life and high frequency vibrations set this apart from the rest.
  • 30 adjustable speeds for intensity management
  • Touch screen control
  • LED lights
  • Six hours continuous massage on a single charge
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Reduced recovery time
  • Increased blood flow
  • Clear lactic acid
  • Release muscle knots
  • Break down scar tissue
  • Increased range of motion

Six targeted interchangeable massage heads:

  • Fork - sensitive areas (spine, neck, shoulders)
  • Bullet - soft tissue
  • Flat - general areas (waist, arms and legs)
  • Ball - large muscle groups (chest, back, hips) 
  • Wedge - joints and ligaments
  • Precision - targeted vibrations for tight areas
Set includes:
  • Massage Gun
  • Six targeted interchangeable massage heads (Fork, Bullet, Flat, Round, Wedge and Precise)
  • Portable carry case
  • Charger cable


  • Speed - 3200RPM
  • Battery power - 2400mAh
  • Massage gun - 18.8cm x 24.2cm
  • Charger input - 100-240V

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