Cordless Chainsaw Electric - Saw Wood Cutter 2 Battery 800W 100V

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Must have for every garden enthusiast

Working with pruning saws is laborious and time-consuming. will help you finish your garden needs faster and with less effort. Performs effectively on all types of wood, is rechargeable, and small in size to fit any hand and any cabinet.

Due to the high chain speed of 10 meters per second, the cutting speed and performance of the chainsaw are phenomenal. It's ideal for a range of tasks – from gardening to a variety of small projects. Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional, Cordless Chainsaw is a vital addition to your lawn care lineup.


Easy Cutting Experience: It is equipped with a chain that is made from the process of deep-hardening, which ensures smoother and faster cutting, 100-volt output makes sure you can cut off the wood with 10-15cm diameter easily, which makes this electric chainsaw suitable for trees branches pruning, woodcutting, gardening, and woodwork.

Cost-effective Chainsaw: Thanks to step-less variable speed, the cutting speed can be easily adjusted on the basis of the different needs(Press the switch to increase the cutting speed). In addition, you can use the wrench(Included) to turn the screw to adjust the tightness of the chain, note: please make sure the chain is stuck in the guide plate. The heat dissipation design provides you with optimum stability...

Large Capacity Battery: The portable chainsaw is equipped with a 3000mAh rechargeable battery, which makes it keep running continuously perfectly in high power output for about a long time. Premium battery greatly prolongs its service life, it is not only very convenient to use and charge, but also an economical and practical way for you. (Note: Please charge it once a month if it is not in use).

Simple Installation&Operation: Detachable design, it can be used after 3 simple steps: Firstly, loosen the screw nut counterclockwise and remove the side cover. Then, align the hole, then install the guide plate and chain. Finally, Install the side cover and tighten the screw nut. The wrench and screwdriver are included, you have no need to prepare other tools for it.



This Cordless Chainsaw is equipped with a powerful pure copper motor that can provide stable power to keep the chainsaw running at its best.

The Cordless Chainsaw comes with a high quality chain and has a lightweight design, making it the ideal tool for cutting firewood, tree branches pruning, and gardening.

This Cordless Chainsaw is also equipped with a high-quality chain, due to the deep quench hardening process, which ensures it is more durable, high wear resistance, and has a longer service time.

The mini chainsaw also has a 100V 3000mAh rechargeable lithium battery, it can be used for 3-5 hours after being fully charged. It is a fast and economical way for you to trim branches and make your garden more beautiful.

It comes with a speed-control switch to adjust the cutting speed. Thus, you could prune the trees with a controllable speed and focus on the details.

Material: ABS+Metal
Voltage: 100V
Guide plate length: 4 inches
Motor: strong magnet motor
Chain speed: 8m/s
Size: 32*12cm-L*W

Package Included:
1 ★ Cordless Chainsaw
2 ★ 3000mAh Battery
1 ★ Wrench
1 ★ Screwdriver
2 ★ Removable bezel
2 ★ Electric Saw Chains
1 ★ Glove


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