Car Jump Starter Starting Device Battery Power Bank Leads

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Car Jump Starter Starting Device Battery Power Bank Leads

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If you have trouble starting your car from time to time, no matter if you have troubles with your battery. If your car was turn off for too long or if the weather is too cold for the engine to start on its own. Then you surely need this amazing product! With the jump Starter Device, you will be able to start your car with ease!

With this device, you won't need another car, another battery nor to tow your car! Thanks to the Car Jump Starter Device is as small as any smartphone power bank! 

The best car's battery starter device! 

This product is definitely a must-have product for any car owner! One never knows when you are going to have an accident. But now you won't be needing to call for help! You can have this amazing power bank jump starter device to start your engine and charge your battery! 

Universal Design for multiple car models

The jump starter device works perfectly with more than 90% of the cars available! You don't have to worry, you will be able to charge your car with ease! 


Emergency light perfect for your car

This product is as useful thanks to its LED light included! And the best part is that you can activate the emergency mode, SOS; mode, and many more! This jump starter device will be your best pal in case of an emergency. 

Operation guide:

1. Connect the smart clip to the EC5 interface of the startup power supply

2. Clamp the positive and negative anodes of the smart ignition clip onto the car battery respectively(Red:+.Black:-)

3. Start the car, and immediately remove the start-up power supply after the car starts


Product Specifications:

  • Battery Capacity(mAh): 8000-10000
  • Peak Current: 800 A
  • Conversion Rate: 85%~90%
  • Number Of Built-in Batteries: 4
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Item Weight: 770g
  • Capacity: 8000mAh/3.7V/29.6Wh
  • Rated output capacity: 4900mAh
  • Start-up current: 400A
  • Input: 5V/2.1A(Max)
  • USB Output: 5V/2.4A(Max)

Package Contains:

1x  Car Jump Starter Starting Device Battery Power Bank Leads


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