Car Head Support - Travel Cushion Head Rest For Sleeping

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    You're In For Comfortable Naps With This Head Support 

    Your New Car Head Rest Travel Companion

    HEAD and NECK Support For Long Journeys

    Don't we all know the uncomfortable feeling of our heads tilting too much to one side when sitting in the car? Or just wanting to rest but not have anywhere to place our head? Those days are over! The Car Head Support is designed to support both your head and neck. It will fit most cars with headrests.

    ADJUSTABLE - Head Rest Design

    The Headrest has a telescopic support rod. It is adjustable in both height and width. The pillows can also separately be lowered or raised. You can rotate the pillows 180-degrees to fit your height. Furthermore, it allows you to get the most comfortable position for your head.


    COMFORTABLE SLEEP - Soft Interior Cushion 

    Designed with authentic memory foam, it's the ideal soft pillow and support you need while sitting in a car. Commuting from one place to another is often viewed as wasted time. Well, now you can enjoy deep sleep and when you wake up your journey will be complete!

    BREATHABLE MATERIAL - Choices Between Leather or Fabric 

    Designed to be breathable and comfortable for your skin we offer the car head rest in materials of Leather for specialised rich comfort or Fabric for durability and soft preferences. The Headrest is therefore suitable for warm days, road trips, daily commuting, and so on. It works well for both adults and children. Driving for a longer period can now be relaxing and comfortable, at last.


    The Car Head Rest Support is attached to the existing headrest on the car. You just choose the correct rubber washer and attach them to the telescopic rod. After this, you put the headrest in the position you prefer and tighten it with a screwdriver. You are now ready to lean back & relax or even sleep!

    Highlights On Why The Car Headrest Pillow Is Perfect For You!

    • NECK AND HEAD PROTECTION - This ergonomically designed headrest pillow is suitable for most car seats with rods. Provides comfortable neck support to sleeping passengers in the car, which is very helpful in relaxing muscles and maintaining a healthy sleeping posture, effectively preventing neck pain and fatigue.
    • SIMPLE INSTALLATION WITHOUT SCREWDRIVER - The new improved car pillow makes installation without screwdriver easier, you can do it with 3 steps: put rubber gaskets into the groove, fix the back cover on the headrest bar with 3 screws by hand firmly; Fasten the 2-sided cushion. With the movable headrest bar slot to fit most cars, the distance between the headrest bars varies by 2.8 "~ 6.3".
    • ADJUSTABLE SLEEPING PILLOW - The car headrest supports 180 degree rotation for a variety of heights, can be raised and lowered according to your need, you can freely adjust the heights and width to obtain a comfortable sleeping posture. When you don't need it, just lift it up to save space. The car sleeping pillows are suitable for children, adults and the elderly.



    • Material: Leather Exterior & Memory Foam Interior
    • Filling Material: Synthetic fibre
    • Dimensions: 36cm x 22cm x 13cm
    • Colour: Black (Choices Between Leather or Fabric)
    • Suitable distance between the seat rods: 9.5cm-18cm
    • Suitable for most car seat models (see image gallery for more info) 

    Package Includes:

    1x Car Head Support - Travel Cushion Head Rest For Sleeping

    2x Cushions (left & right)

    6x Rubber Washers

    1x Mounting cover

    1x Instruction Manual

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