Bluetooth Sleep Headband - Breathable & Flexible Headphones

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Whether you've got a snoring partner, noisy neighbours, or just a busy mind at night, Bluetooth Sleeping Headphones can help. 80% of customers report falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer with the wireless headband & that's a statistic we're really proud of - because better sleep means a better YOU. 

Struggling to get 8 hours of sleep? Enjoy a deeper and more comfortable sleep, Designed with ultra-soft, breathable and noise isolating speakers, it offers unmatchable comfort and an immersive audio experience. Sleep will never be the same with these flexible headphones!

What Makes This Wireless Music Playing Headband Perfect For You?

✔️Soft, breathable and comfortable fabric

✔️ Thin, padded speakers - perfect for side sleepers 

✔️ Doubles as a black-out sleep mask 

✔️ Up to 10-hour playtime from 1 charge 

✔️ Integrated microphone 

✔️ Perfect for sports and other activities  

✔️ One size fits all

✔️ Washable material

✔️ Compatible with any Bluetooth device 

Package Includes: 

1x Wireless Bluetooth Sleep Headband - Breathable & Flexible Headphones

1x Micro USB charging cable,

1x Instruction Manual

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