Baby Piano Mat

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Baby Piano Mat 

Our Baby Piano Mat is perfect for developing children's sense of touching and feeling. - Training children's sense of rhythm and melody. - Developing children's sense of hearing and sound understanding. - Training aesthetic eyes and creativity.


Dance, Sing and compose all at the same time! The piano mat is touch sensitive. Use your hands or feet to play the notes, or roll back and forth to play the scales! Create some killer dance moves and a song to go with your music to put on a show.

Play 8 different instruments! Choose from piano, violin, accordion, trumpet, xylophone, horn, flute playing and guitar sounds to create your musical masterpiece. Switch instruments mid-song for more complex compositions. Adjustable volume lets you play as loud as you want to or as soft as you need to.

Compose melodious melodies! Record your tune, then use the playback feature to share it with family and friends. There's also a demo mode with pre-recorded songs that can be played with any instrument. Don't worry if you forget to turn it off, the piano shuts itself down automatically to save on battery power.




Condition: 100% Brand New

Material: Cotton

Color: Mulitcolor

Product size: 36x110cm

Gender: Unisex

Fits: 3 years old or over 3 years old childs

Function :(Play Back , One key one note ,Record , Demo ,Adjust volume )

Battery: 3 x AA battery (Not included)


-The music blanket has a non-slip layer. But please be careful when doing strenuous exercise on smooth ground. -Infants and toddlers need to be watched by parents to avoid falling while playing the piano mat . -Please use the zinc-manganese dry batteries for this musical mat. Alkaline Battery maybe burn the board.

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