Adjustable Ergonomic Kneeling Chair For Back Pain

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Its adjustable and fits anyone who tries it.

Change your sitting posture with our ergonomic kneeling chair for a healthier life. This work of art helps you to sit in appropriate positions without exerting much mental effort.


  • Healthy Ergonomic Design 
  • Easily Adjustable
  • Prevents Neck & Back Problems
  • Improves Circulation And Oxygen Levels
  • Easy To Change 


Our Key Benefits

The Ergonomic Kneeling Chair will prevent you from having stubborn neck and back problems and will increase the quality of your life! 

✔ Improves Posture

✔ Suitable For Any Height

✔Avoid Neck Pain

 ✔Experience An Ultimate Comfort

Amazing Breaks

Each wheel has a break button that allows the chair to stay fixed on one spot. When you like to move the chair simply unlock the wheels. 

Stable & Secure

The chair was designed in a triangle form to ensure the safety and security of the person who sits on it. Each sides supports the other in an efficient way. This shape lets the chair carry a weight up to 250lbs

Easily Adjustable

Use the Pneumatic pump to easily adjust the height of the chair. The seat height can be adjusted from 21 to 28 inch. 

Simple & Neat

The chair is light weight and easy to move around, with minimal cleaning effort. You can literally sit on it wherever you want and as much as you desire. 


Size: About 65*52*39cm
Material: Fabric
Colour: Black
Style:Kneeling/Posture Chair
Adjustment:Seat Height
Assembly:Fully Assembled
Model:Kneeling Orthopaedic Ergonomic Stool
Featured Refinements:Ergonomic Office Chair
Features:Health Care, Good For Cervical Spine, Casters/Wheels, Ergonomic

1x Kneeling Chair Orthopaedic Stool Ergonomic Posture Height Adjustable Office Seat

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