Acoustic Guitar Practice Tool For Beginners Practice Guitar Neck

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Made for those days when you are in a  hurry and you can't take your guitar with you. With this foldable, portable, and great product you can practice your guitar skills. No matter if you are a rookie or if you are a professional guitarist. There is always a chance to improve! You only this practice guitar neck


Why would I need a practice guitar neck

With this product, you can have a portable guitar for you o practice your fingerstyle or your harmonics. Although this practice guitar neck is not a real guitar and won't have the same sound and effects a regular guitar has. It is perfect for practicing, as you will feel exactly as if you were playing guitar on your finger. Create that muscle memory that you always wanted to play almost instantly without any trouble with one of your favorite songs. Or even compose new ones on a road trip. See how useful this product is?

If you are giving guitar lessons, this is a great way to make kids love and adapt to the ways of playing the guitar. As it is small, lightweight, foldable, and comfortable. Your students are going to love it! And most of all will help avoid hearing the mistakes people usually made on regular guitars that might alter the mood of everyone around.

This product is made with the highest quality plastic and a mahogany fretboard so it will resemble an acoustic guitar. You should definitely give it a try! You are going to love it!


Product Specifications:

  • Item: Pocket Guitar
  • Size:
  •           Closed: 19.5*5cm
  •           Open: 33.5*5cm
  • Material:
  •           High-strength plastic housing
  •           Mahogany Fretboard
  • Color: Black

Package contains:

1x Acoustic Guitar Practice Tool For Beginners Practice Guitar Neck



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