A Guide To Your Chakra Journey Through The Chakras Wrapped Canvas

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This chakra poster is an excellent quality white art print made from polycotton canvas. It is environmentally friendly as the ink is water-based and waterproof to ensure durability. Ideal to decorate your living room, office, or bedroom, it will give you a relaxed and beautiful look.

The chakras are energy vortexes responsible for regulating the body and are found throughout the length and breadth of our energy body (Aura). There are 7 main ones:

1. Root chakra: Red in color, it is related to all aspects of our physical existence.
2. Sacral chakra: Orange in color, it governs our emotions, creativity, and pleasure.
3. Solar plexus chakra: Yellow in color, it governs our personal power.
4. Chakra of the center of the heart: Green in color, it is related to unconditional love.
5. Throat Chakra: Turquoise blue, and is responsible for communication.
6. Third eye chakra: Indigo blue in color, it is the center of intuition.
7. Crown chakra: White or purple in color, and is the center of our spiritual connection.

Benefits of our chakra poster:

• It will remind you to connect with your being every day.
• It is a beautiful decoration for your home, it gives you a relaxed, healthy, and calm look.
• Transmit positive energy to your environment.
• It is made of materials that are friendly to the environment and of excellent quality.

Product specifications:

• Material: Cotton canvas.
• Size: 13x18cm and 60x84cm.
• Color: White and painted with water-based ink.

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