980W Multifunctional Car Polishing Machine Waxing Car Buffing Machine Polisher Six Gears Adjustable Speed

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980W Multifunctional Car Polishing Machine Waxing Car Buffing Machine Polisher Six Gears Adjustable Speed

Want to polish your car without spending hundreds of dollars going to the auto repair shop? Then, this car buffing machine for the home is the ideal solution to leave your car completely shiny and like new. This amazing machine polisher is multifunctional because it has 6 adjustable gear speeds, suitable for different materials giving you polishing, waxing, and enamel sealing, moreover, you can use it for jade, porcelain, cars, furniture, and even leather and floors.

This car polishing machine is one of the best because it has a lightweight and portable design, with a lock switch to avoid accidents, and a smooth polishing mechanism that does not damage the paint, it also has ventilation for heat dissipation and prevents debris enters the engine. This electric polisher for cars is easy to use, its auxiliary handle can be installed on the left or right side to make your work more comfortable and it is suitable for the automotive industry, carpentry, furniture industry, electronic components, etc.

This car buffing machine is just what you need! Buy it now.

Car buffing machine features:

  • Easy to use.
  • Multipurpose.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Uniform polishing.
  • It works on different surfaces such as wood, metal, ceramic, among others.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Lock switch.


  • Material: ABS.
  • Power: 980W.
  • Frequency: 50Hz.
  • Rotation speed: 850-3200r / min.
  • Disc diameter: 125mm / 4.9in.
  • Auxiliary handle length: 126 mm / 5.0 in. Polisher size: 210 * 205mm / 8.3 * 8.1in.
  • Polisher Weight: 1400g / 3.1lb.
  • Package size: 230 * 230 * 110mm / 9.1 * 9.1 * 4.3in.
  • Package weight: 1592g / 3.5lb.

Package contains:
1 * Polisher with plug.
1 * Wrench.
1 * Handle.
1 * Self-adhesive disc.
1 * Wool wheel.
1 * Flat disc.
1 * Pair of carbon brushes.
5 * Sandpaper.

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