300 ml Wood Grain Vase Style Essential Oil Diffuser Light Wood Grained

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Use this air diffuser both as a decoration and to humidity the air. Give your house a better and lighter air, improve the breathing on those days with extreme weather, no matter if its the hottest summer or the coldest winter. To have an air diffuser is always a great idea.

This product is really easy to use, you just have to fill the cup with enough clean water and turn it on. It will do the rest itself!

The great benefits of having an air diffuser

This wooden oil diffuser is USB powered, so you can plug it in almost anywhere. Make sure to fill the cup with plenty of fresh and clean water. Remember to replace the water daily for better use. Having an air diffuser around helps your lungs breathe easier as the air will be a little moister. Use it during the cold winter where breathing turns harder and you'll feel better than ever! And also studies have shown that sleeping with an air diffuser also helps the skin recover faster from burns, acne, turns more elastic, and reduces the wrinkles in your face. 

Try to combine the freshwater with some aromatic oils to make your home smells amazing. They are great benefits in aromatherapy. Reduces stress, improves your mood. Helps you sleep better and so much more! We really recommend you try it every now and then to relieve the tension in the family!

This air diffuser is perfect to use it during your daily exercise routine, as you will breathe better and will have more energy, while also stay relaxed more time! 


Product Specifications:

  • Size: Approx.110X110X145mm
  • Weight: 130g
  • AC Adapter: DC 5V
  • Cable Length: 1m
  • Rated Power:3 watt
  • Water Capacity: 300ml

Package contains:

1x 300 ml Wood Grain Vase Style Essential Oil Diffuser Light Wood Grained


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