3-Speed Wireless Shoulder Massage Heating Pad

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Are you suffering from shoulder pain and looking for a way to decrease pain and re-energize your muscles?

Designed to relieve shoulder and neck stiffness.

  • 3 Adjustable Heating and Vibration Modes.
  • Led Temperature Display and Low Power Warning helps you to choose the most comfortable temperature and lets you know when you need to re-charge.
  • Fits Both Left and Right Shoulder and the flexible bands guarantees comfort.
  •  Shoulder compression sleeve is suitable for both men and women.
  •  Made from high quality neoprene material for added comfort and stability support for optimal compression.
  • Wireless adjustable electric shoulder brace uses a USB charging design that allows to use anytime.
  • Charge the battery fully for at least 8 hours before first time use.


Main Benefits

✔ Relieve Shoulder Pain and Soreness with Massage and Heat

✔ Recover from Rotator Cuff or Shoulder Dislocation Injuries And/or Surgeries Quicker

✔ Improve Blood flow, Aid Healing, And Correct Postural Habits

✔ Helps Lose Muscles in The Shoulder and Neck Area to Help Sleep and Participate in Activities Throughout the Day

✔ Use for Both Hot and Cold Therapy with Mesh Bag to Attach Ice Pack (Not Included

✔ Go Wireless and Take It with You Wherever You Go

✔ Easy to Put on And Comfortable to Wear

Shoulder & Neck Reliever

How It Work

Once the brace is attached to your shoulder you turn it on from the LED control panel. You then can select the temperature and the level of massage from the same LED panel. Do not apply the brace directly to the skin. Use a towel or cloth to act as a barrier between the brace and your skin. The LED panel will light up when battery is low to let you know you need a charge. All you have to do is sit back and relax and let the massager do the work!


Rated voltage: 110v-240v
Power: 12W
Battery Capacity: 5000mA
Heating temperature: 45-60 degrees
Temperature control range: 45-60 degrees
Body care areas: knee pads, leg protectors, shoulder pads
Product features: infrared, magnetic therapy, heating, vibration. Product selling point Portable, rechargeable
Material fabric: Breathable Neoprene 4*Jade Stone Beads
Controller gear position: three gear intelligent timing

Package include:

1*Heating shoulder pad

1*extension strap


1*packing box

1*USB Cable


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