24V Electric Cordless Weed Grass Trimmer - Rechargeable + Extra Battery Included

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High Power Electric Cordless Grass / Weed Trimmer - Battery Rechargeable (2x Batteries Included)

Regularly trim overgrown grass with this heavy-duty weed eater to easily maintain and manicure your yard. The electric brush cutter/weed eater has a powerful 24V engine that spins at 30,000 RPM to easily chop through tough grass and weeds.

Despite the retractable weed cutter's powerful construction, the grass trimmer is exceptionally light and portable for use in your home's exterior spaces. You won't have as much trouble clipping grass off your lawn, sidewalks, paths, and other areas this way.

The battery-powered brush cutter has an ergonomic top handle and starts up with a single button press. Not only that, but the mid-section of the electric weed eater has a handle for easier manoeuvrability.

The cordless weed eater also features a retractable metal guard that keeps the blades from cutting into pavement or rocks. Using this premium brush trimmer, you can keep grass overgrowth from taking over your garden.

Cordless Weed Grass Trimmer Features:

MADE TO LAST: The battery-operated weed eater is made of heavy-duty aluminum and plastic, and it is extremely durable, even after years of use. It has razor-sharp blades that effortlessly cut through grass and bushes.

ADJUSTABLE: The cordless grass trimmer may be adjusted in length to meet your height for a better and more pleasant working experience. The electric brush trimmer's telescopic construction allows it to be easily adjusted in length.

ERGONOMIC: -The blade weed eater has a curved handle that is easy to grip and manage. It even has an adjustable auxiliary handle that aids in the stabilisation of the electric weed eater while cutting grass.


Power Source: Cordless
Blade Construction: String
Battery Type: Li-Ion (INCLUDED)
Starter Type: Electric
Charge Time 3 Hours 45 Minutes

Battery Amp Hour: 1500 Ah - 2000Ah
Length 90cm / 35 inch
Max Length:120cm / 47 Inch (40cm Extended Bar)
Voltage: 12V / 21V
Motor Type: Brushed
Charger Included: Yes
Height 9.25 in.
Width 5.75 in.


1x 24V lawn mower,
2x 24V Batteries 
1x UK Charger,

5x Plastic Knife,
2x Slotted Knife,
1x Saw Blade
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