2022 Pop it Headphone Fidget Toy - Wireless Bluetooth Headset - Pop it Fidget Wireless Headphone

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Headset Toy Fidget Wireless Headphone - Pop it Fidget Headphone


The newest trendy and creative fidget toy for relieving stress, anxiety, and boredom. The adjustable bluetooth noise cancelling on-ear headset is made of high quality silicone and electronic components, including a 400mA rechargeable lithium battery that enables up to 2 hours of continuous usage time.
Creative Silicone Headset pop it fidget Wireless Headphone Toy Tie Dye Headphone. Soft-padded on-ear headphones with most popular pop it game relieve stress and touch your heart. Creative headset with bubble shape buttons can adjust according to the size of your head and ears. With these fidget toys pop it You will enjoy the happy journey of music world and decompression!
Unplug, unwind and let the music drive you. Gently nod your head as the soft padded headphones envelop you in your favorite tunes. Enjoy the joyful moments of popping fidget bubbles while effectively releasing anxiety and being concentrated on work with our fidget toy.
  • Material: The adjustable bluetooth noise cancelling on-ear headset is made of high quality silicone and electronic components, eco-friendly, good textured, lightweight, durable and safe to wear.
  • Design: The 400mA rechargeable battery over-ear headphone combines traditional headgear with latest hottest fidget pop together, satisfying the needs of new generation. The soft-padded headphones make you comfortable to wear and enjoy music time.
  • Features: Built-in mic, noise reduction, stereo system, wireless bluetooth 5.0, stable signal, stress relief, creative design.
  • 2-in-1 function: While immersed in music world, you can also relax your fingertips and mind by pressing the silicone mouse bubbles. It's so harmonious to pop the fidget bubbles while you touch and nod your head for the wonderful melody.
  • Wireless bluetooth stereo headphone with microphone, compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android and other common brands of cellphones and tablets. It's suitable for big children, teens and adults to use.




Package includes:

1X fidget pop wireless bluetooth stereo headphone 

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