1000W Off Road Electric Scooter

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1000W Off-Road Electric Scooter

If you want to get faster to places, avoid using public transport and you love to feel the wind of travelling at fast speeds. Then you need this electric scooter UK. Perfect for riding on the streets of UK and any other city in general. This scooter is amazing, with a traveling speed of up to 20 Km/h, you will be able to get to school, work, the store, or any other places faster and comfortable than ever before.


Perfect for your daily life

The electric scooter UK was specially designed for your daily life. The best part is you will be saving a lot of money and you will help the environment with this eco-friendly way of transportation. 

This electric scooter UK have the perfect amount of battery to cover all your daily basics. You will be able to go to your workplace, the mall, and back home. Did you know that the average walking speed of  person is no more than 5km/h. With this electric Scooter you will be able to go up to 4 times faster than walking. Think of the possibilities. You could arrive at school 4 times faster, you won't be late for work no more! And nothing will stop you. No matter the weather or the public transportation.

Best Quality Material.

Made with the best quality aluminum alloy, the same used for military aircraft. Provide this scooter a long-lasting and reliable product. It is splashproof, lightweight, and completely foldable, so you can easily keep it close to you when you arrive at your destination.

Product Specifications:

Wheel size:6.5 inch tire(Newest tires)
Max speed:20Km/h
Charging time:3-4 hrs
Max Load:125Kg
Motor Power:250W(Front wheel)
Battery capacity:5.8 Ah
Operating Voltage:36V
Recharge mileage:15-20Km
Brake form:Electronic brake

Package Contains:

1x 1000W Off Road Electric Scooter

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